The Red Polka Dot Dress

The Red Polka Dot Dress. What's not to love? Hello friends, Happy Tuesday. So how are you today? If you are stopping by the blog today, I am guessing you are a fan of polka dots too.

I adore polka dots and a red polka dot dress is my all-time favourite. I always buy a new red polka dot dress when my old one is looking worn. 

Love me a swing dress style too. A swing dress is my favourite style.

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The Red Polka Dot Dress

The Red Polka Dot Dress:

The Red Polka Dot Dress- They are super vintage-inspired, classic, neutral, and very stylish. In my opinion! Very vintage but with a modern twist. What lady wouldn't love a red polka-dot dress? Also with lots of different colour options too. 

The Red Polka Dot Dress

With all the colour options out there you are sure to find the perfect dress to match your colour chart and also find the perfect dress to flatter your own style too. 

Also, what is good is that they also make the best party dresses, afternoon tea dresses or garden party dresses too. 

The Red Polka Dot Dress

So what do you think about a red polka dot swing dress? Are you a fan?

Here Are A Few Dresses I Own In This Style:

Firstly, Polka Dots And A Drama Llama. On my birthday, I requested my daughter to shoot a couple pictures of my clothing for me. She loves llamas right now and buys anything that has them on it. 

To take some pictures for me, she handed me her handbag. 

Recently, there has been some stress in my life. With my daughter, things are constantly changing in terms of her health and age. The smallest issue might occasionally become the biggest one. Then forgotten about two minutes later. 

No-Drama Llama bag, I believe. Every time she says it, I always respond. Whenever she uses it I always reply “Aww, come here my little drama llama”

For a change, I actually like these black-and-white pictures. How do you feel? The entire ensemble is visible in colour here: A timeless style with a birthday treat. Polka Dots And A Drama Llama. So fun. 

Secondly, Brown Polka Dot Dress: Pretty Woman Style. Then I got a reminder of this look which Google kindly notified me of a few days ago.

It looks like my haircut plans are going to have to stay on hold a lot longer too as when my hairdressers open again, they already have 100’s of names on the waiting list! Oh well long and grey it is then!!

These photos were taken 2 years ago today at Loughborough when we went to visit our eldest Son at University. Wow, time flies. It was such a lovely day and we got to walk around the park there Brown Polka Dot Dress: Pretty Woman Style. So good. 

Turquoise Polka Dot Dress:

Thirdly, A Walk At Newstead Abbey: Turquoise Polka Dot Dress.
What has been happening in your part of the world lately? Nothing much here and I am so missing our usual summer routines. Today I am sharing some fun photos from a few weeks ago. Good times. The weather was beautiful so we had no reason to stay home.

We drove the car out to the woods then took a couple of miles to walk out to Newstead Abbey.

We did not want to park in Newstead itself as we had a feeling it was going to be packed with people and it was!! Everyone had the same idea of getting out with their families. A Walk At Newstead Abbey: Turquoise Polka Dot Dress. So good here. 

Fourthly, Loves Polka Dots And Street Art. Two of my favourite things are finding street art and wearing polka dots. So today I am combining the two! These photos were taken by the canal in London on our walk to Camden. Loves Polka Dots And Street Art. Loves Polka Dots And Street Art.

Fifthly, A Few Weeks Back In Camden. We also love to visit London whenever possible and Camden is one of my daughters and my favourite places. A Few Weeks Back In Camden.

Thanks so much for stopping by. I also hope you liked this post.

The Red Polka Dot Dress


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  1. LOVE the red polka dots here, and the dress is such a flattering fit! It looks like a Karina Dress. I know you are ready for your haircut. they must be busy with a hundred or so ladies waiting!
    thanks for linking!
    jess xx


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